Xmas gifts – order photo gifts for Christmas

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Got your holiday gifts for the family? 
Surprise them with a holiday gift featuring your photo – cards,magnets or a puzzle! You can create it all within minutes using this iPhone app!

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Xmas Cards / Puzzle / Magnets!

We offer 3 different products :
* Easily design beautiful Xmas Cards and have 10 high quality 6.7” x 5” cards & envelopes shipped directly to your home
* A set of HUGE high quality magnets
* 11″ X 8.26″ / 28cm X 21cm Puzzle featuring your photo!

Ships worldwide. For assistance feel free to contact us using our facebook page.

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My Xmas Cards – Print personalized Christmas cards featuring your photo

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Using “My Xmas Cards” you can print unique personalized Christmas cards featuring your own photos. Send your family and friends personalized photo Christmas cards to make Christmas Day even more special!

Download “My Xmas Cards” iphone app for free!

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Xmas Card created using "My Xmas Cards" iphone app

Xmas is coming and we’re offering you a way to create customized greeting cards using nothing but your iphone!

It’s easy to make your own greeting cards. It only takes a few simple steps to order a set of 10 beautiful 5″ x 6.7″ greeting cards, that will be delivered to the address of your choice.  So Let’s start..

How to create xmas greeting cards using "My Xmas Cards" iphone app

Step 1 – Choose Photo 

Choose your favorite photo from album or take a picture using your camera.

Step 2 – Choose Frame 

Choose a frame from the selection. Don’t worry if your photo doesn’t suit the frame in the preview, you will be able to move and resize the photo after choosing the frame.

Step 3 – Edit your photo

You can now move, resize and rotate your image. You can also change to a different frame if you don’t like the one you chose before.

Step 4 – Order set of 10 greeting cards 

Now that your greeting card is ready, you can click the “Order Cards” button. Press the “OK” button and the greeting card will start uploading. After the greeting card finished uploading you will have to fill in the shipping details, your personal details and payment details. The cards will be delivered to the shipping address you’ve entered and you will be able to send them to your loved ones.

Have any questions or comments? Feel free to contact us.

Download “My Xmas Cards” iphone app for free!

If the top link didn’t work – Download using this link!

Merry Christmas and peace for us all 🙂 

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