Jewish holidays app

Get ready for Hanukkah with personalized cards!

Finally! a Jewish holidays themed iPhone app.

The application can be downloaded for free (click here) and is quite intuitive and easy to operate

Like most image editing applications, it allows to perform basic tasks:

* Take a picture or select a picture from
* Zoom in, zoom out, rotate the photo and add various effects (effects menu is opened by pressing the button with the orange arrow
* Add a festive Jewish holiday frame (first button on the left)
* Save the final image (blue arrow), send via email or upload to Facebook (heart button)
The uniqueness of the application is the ability to order personalized printed photo gifts using the photo you created.
When you have finished editing the picture, you can click on the top right button button says: מוכן להדפסה

By clicking this button you will get a screen where you can choose what you want to print:
The options are:
Amazing greeting cards – set of 10 (first option)
Huge high quality magnets – set of 4 (second option)
Or a puzzle (third option)
Choose by clicking on the gift you would like and wait until your picture uploads.
Then you will have to fill out shipping information and payment information (via PayPal)

If the number of frames offered is not enough, you can upgrade the application for a 0.99$ and get 40 extra festive frames

We’re here for your feedbacks and questions:

Have a great holiday!